Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) include all the devices that need electric current or electromagnetic fields to function. The equipment needed to generate, transfer and measure these currents and fields are also EEE.

When the owner of an EEE decides to dispose of them, they become Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

Big home appliances

Toys and sports equipment

Small home appliances

Consumer electronic devices

Computing and telecommunication equipment

Medical devices

Electric and electronic tools

Surveillance and control devices

Lighting devices. Energy saving and fluorescent light bulbs.

Expending machines

Your legal obligations

The obligation to treat this kind of residue in a specific manner is given in Europe by the Directive 2012/19/UE, which establishes the responsibilities and legal obligations of all agents involved.

When WEEE comes from homes

Users should give them back to sellers when they buy a new one, so they can be treated correctly. This should be free of charge.

When WEEE doesn't come from homes

The producer of these equipments is responsible of their management. Local authorities and sellers must establish procedures to receive, transport and treat them.

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