What we do

Integral service

Recollection and transport

Waste treatment

Classification, selection, press, crush and valorization

Transfer to facilities

Where the waste will be processed


In the end, we transform waste into raw material

Reuse or destruction

The resulting product will be ready to be used again or to be destroyed.

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How we can help you

We manage and recover metal, plastic and cardboard:

  • We pick up the industrial waste where it’s generated. To make this possible, we have different kinds of containers and transportation methods for each kind of waste.
  • We classify, select, press, crush and valorize the waste.
  • At the treatment facilities we weigh and transfer the waste to a reserved area where it will be treated.
  • From this product we obtain raw material for the industry.
  • We also obtain a derived product that is bagged, packed or deposited in special containers. This product is ready to be used again or to be destroyed.

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