Our commitment

RECUPERACIONES Y DESGUACES BRACELI, SL, a company dedicated to waste management and treatment of vehicles out of use, has the mission of contributing to the environmental sustainability of our society by betting on a circular economy by adding value to waste and reducing the impact of its destruction by the end of its useful life.

RECUPERACIONES Y DESGUACES BRACELI, S.L is committed to the integration of a  continuous improvement philosophy that comprises the corporate DNA at all levels: production, human, health and safety, and the environment. To achieve this, they commit to:

  • To satisfy our clients’ needs and expectations and anticipate their needs.
  • To establish quality and environmental goals, focused on continuous improvement and environmental protection.
  • To  fulfill every legal requirement that applies to the company, with special focus on the ones regarding the environment.
  • To have proper, tidy, clean and secure installations and job positions.
  • To improve the formation plan of our employees, focusing on continuous improvement.
  • To encourage and motivate all our staff in a philosophy of continuous improvement.
  • Periodic communication between the Direction and the staff.