Over 15 years working to preserve our planet's future

We believe that taking care of our environment is the responsability of companies and people.

Integral Waste Management

We innovate in the recovery, reutilization and recycling of all kinds of waste to improve people’s quality of life and preserve our planet.

Vehicle scrappage

We are authorized by the Spanish government to recover and recycle every part of a vehicle.


We can help you fulfill your legal obligations regarding the environment. Our team will walk you through all the process.

Our philosophy

Grupo Braceli offers certified technical solutions for companies and people, regarding waste management. This way, we help preserve the environment for future generations.

These are the values that guide our actions:

  • Professional, familiar and personal treatment.
  • Integrity: We control the risks on all our instalations and processes.
  • We promote and execute respect for the environment.

Our team

Grupo Braceli is made up of a group of professionals, experts on waste management and passionate about the environment. We area all comitted to achieving, through our work, a better planet for future generations.

We started as a family business over 15 years ago. Since then, our team, the veriety of services we offer and our truck fleet have grown exponentially. Grupo Braceli is now made of qualified professionals, specialized in their areas of work, who use the latest technologies to achieve efficient and effective results.

Our environmental commitments

We offer certified, integral, insured solutions. All of our services are delivered with quality and speed.

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