Demolición y gestión de residuos de embarcaciones

Grupo Braceli in committed to the preservation of the envirnment. That’s why our services include managing all kinds of waste in a certified, insured and efficient way. This includes industrial disassembly projects and the correct treatment of the waste produced.

One of our most recent works in this area was performed for the Government of Spain, specifically the General Direction of Coasts in the area of “Varadero Vatasa” in Santa Pola, Alicante. Grupo Braceli managed the destruction and withdrawal of 24 boats.

What does our service consist of?

Industrial demolitions depend on a variety of conditions and enviromental complexities that are unique for each project. That’s why in Grupo Braceli we develop custom plans for every client, that allow us to maximize the profitability of the dismantling process. In addition, we manage all the waste produced in the process. Click here to know more of this service.

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